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Best of Madison

This is to thank you for creating a wonderful environment for the dogs to play and stay, as well as your staff to work. You have a great team in place! I've known this since Django's first visit last fall. Everyone is so friendly with the humans and caring and attentive with the pups/dogs.

Since August 1, I've had an ankle fracture and was unable to bear weight thus had crutches causing great frustration and challenges for both Django and I. You guys were great! I'd like to especially thank John & Amanda (Manny), Amanda & Kori were also very helpful. Audra has also been awesome through this. Django and I were really given great care. John and Manny gave us extra attention by giving him a few more minutes to do his biz before getting safely into the car plus the support and encouragement through my tears. I could not have gotten through this with out them and without Camp K9! Everyone is extremely supportive and demonstrates great compassion and patience.
Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I am ever grateful and incredibly appreciative!!!
Warm regards,
Susan & Django